made-to-measure wedding rings

Tailor-made wedding rings for an eternal keepsake

Our teams of experts accompany you in the creation of unique and tailor-made wedding rings to seal your love.

We help you to make your tailor-made wedding rings in accordance with your desires, your expectations and above all we make it unique.

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Custom-made wedding rings add a touch of uniqueness and personality. These unique pieces reflect your style and preferences, creating jewels charged with emotion and memories. By working with Carat Diamond, you can choose the metals, stones and designs that most appeal to you. Engrave personal messages inside for an extra dimension. Custom-made wedding rings are the perfect complement to an engagement ring, strengthening the bond between you and your partner. It’s an investment that symbolizes your love in a special way.

Why trust Carat Diamond for the realization of your wedding rings?

Our jewelry is made in Switzerland with high quality ethical materials and by passionate experts.

We make it a point of honor to advise and support our clients in this very important choice in their lives.

Let's create together the jewel of your dreams

We accompany you in your project to realize your dream jewel!